Photography and commentary by Paul Yarnall

Ireland by Sea… Circumnavigating Ireland with Adventure Canada

Susie and I have traveled with Adventure Canada before and we were never disappointed.  Their model is pretty unique.  Find a “small” ship designed for  about 100 passengers, equipped with a dozen indestructible zodiacs, five star food and service, and great cabin accommodations.  Then, staff up with experienced leaders and  experts from relevant fields, (history, biology, photography, cultural, etc.), create an itinerary that leaves no time for boredom, and head out to sea!  The adventure starts immediately!

We learned of a few remaining cabins for the Circumnavigation of Ireland in April and decided Ireland was a must see. We picked up our ship, the Clipper Adventurer, south of Dublin… in fact at the very same port, (Cork), that the Titanic left for its place in history.

Over the next ten days we worked our way around Ireland anchoring at key locations and then going ashore via the zodiacs. Sometimes our destinations on shore were all within walking distance.  Other times there were first class buses waiting to take us to various points of interest inland.

I am the first to admit that I am not fond of crowds, don’t like buses, and go a bit crazy trying to do serious photography when traveling in a gaggle, BUT I have learned to be a bit more circumspect and consider that the likelihood of getting to all these places on my own are between nil and not likely.  The fact is Susie and I loved this adventure, learned a great deal more about Ireland’s history and culture, made a few new friends, and still managed to get some decent photography.

As always, when on the move this way, you don’t have the option of coming back to some location when the light is better or the weather is better, (or worse).  If you are given lemons… make lemonade!  I was patient and consistent.  Before the trip was over, I was “the guy with the tripod”.  Folks actually started watching out for me to avoid walking in front of a shot.  Most folks anyway, but it only takes a second or two to get your shot, so like walking in a bad neighborhood, I always tried to be hyper vigilant for who and what was near me and shoot accordingly.  And I always thanked people who gave me a moment.  Good manners has its own karma.  What goes around comes around.

Please visit Ireland by Sea for the best of that trip.