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A Visit to Iceland, the land of Fire and Ice

The world may be shrinking, but that is largely in the context of the digital revolution.  If you want to SEE the world with your own eyes, it is still a pretty big place.  Luckily, modern air travel does help shrink the time to traverse great distances and large bodies of water.  Late last spring I saw some featured photos of Iceland in one of my photo mags.  I reminded myself that this little island in the North Atlantic needed to get moved up on my list of “must visits”.  Some digging on the internet found the photo tours offered by pro shooters Colby Brown and Ken Kaminesky.

I prefer to be my own guide whenever possible.  Serious photography is a solo sport. In some environments a photo partner can be a safety consideration, but with a group of shooters one is immediately faced with “competition for composition.”  Someone is always in the way.  Then, there is traveling in a too small bus with nine other photo enthusiasts loaded up with the requisite gear. Really not my idea of a good time, BUT with professional guides you have the benefit of their local knowledge and support resources.  They know where the best photos are and the best times to be there.  Interesting hotels are waiting for you every evening.  Food is put on the table for you.  This frees up a lot of time and effort on the planning side and on the experiential side.  Like life in general, you make compromises and keep moving.

Colby, Ken, and our driver, “Siggy”, were always congenial, helpful professionals.  If you like shooting with like minded enthusiasts you won’t be disappointed with their tours.

Susie and I arrived a day before the tour to allow adjusting to the jet lag of a 5 hour time difference and a red eye flight from Boston to Iceland.  We were rewarded with a beautiful and calm first day, and we used it to play tourist in charming Reykjavik.  The “official” tour spanned eight days, and we stayed on a few extra days to experience more of Reykjavik, let Susie get in some Icelandic golf, and visit the famous Blue Lagoon spa before departing back to the States.

We did not get close to seeing it all, so we may have to go back!  Visit the gallery Iceland! to see the highlights of this “land of fire and ice.”

Eight Glorious Days In Colorado

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Making Lemonade

With a reduced client load and Susie retired, for the past several years we have elected  to take extended vacations during the winter months.  Last year we hauled our camper from New York to California, then crossed the southern states back to Florida before making our way back to Canandaigua. A lot of miles, even […]

Ecuador 2012 – Exploring off road on motorcycles and more

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Ireland by Sea… Circumnavigating Ireland with Adventure Canada

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Best of the West…. Winter Trek 2012

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Catching Up!

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Lance Keimig Night Photography Workshop

In 2009 while I was frantically trying to capture Trinity Bay in the fading twilight, I was forced to take longer and longer exposures. There I “discovered” the surreal ability of modern digital camera sensors to “see” in a way I could not. Since then I have captured a few more wonderful images in the […]

Catching UP, Two new Galleries and Three Shows

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South Africa 2010, the Inside Story

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South African Photo Safari at Bona Ntaba

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First Solo Exhibit at Wood Library

My first solo show ran the month of September at the Wood Library in Canandaigua, NY.  To tell you the truth, it felt a bit like I was promoting my own birthday party since I don’t normally try to draw attention to myself. I was pleased that the opening was very well attended with friends, […]