Photography and commentary by Paul Yarnall

South Africa 2010, the Inside Story

The previous gallery, South Africa Photo Safari 2010, was all about the animals.  After all, that was the mission… see wildlife… shoot wildlife.

While going through the thousands of images we brought back, I realized that there was also the human experience – the personal side to our adventure.  We were already friends with the rest of our little group long before we departed JFK, and there were lots of shots of places we went to and things we did, all of us having a great time every minute of every day.  Some of the photography was about that too.

A photographer friend noted that while he liked the animal shots I posted, he wanted to know about the countryside and the places we had been.

He was right. I should have included the big picture, so here it is.  Be warned, however, that this gallery, South Africa 2010 Travelogue, is large at 109 images. It is a mix of fun snapshots, landscapes and some animal shots that did not make the previous cut.  It’s a “this is my vacation” collection in a gallery style format.  Feel free to blow through them! I hope the story shows the fun we had.