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Lance Keimig Night Photography Workshop

In 2009 while I was frantically trying to capture Trinity Bay in the fading twilight, I was forced to take longer and longer exposures. There I “discovered” the surreal ability of modern digital camera sensors to “see” in a way I could not. Since then I have captured a few more wonderful images in the wee hours when most photographers are asleep or perhaps slumped in front of their computers. My process was driven mostly by trial and error and random opportunities.

When I learned of a workshop led by Lance Keimig to focus on night photography, at a reasonable cost and a rational distance from home, I signed up. There is nothing like committing time and money to make you focus!  Night photography is not technically complicated, but the results are more predictable when you apply an established methodology. Given the fact that typical exposures can run from a few minutes to half an hour or longer, the usual strategy of plinking off a few more shots does not apply.

What do you do while you are waiting impatiently for a looong exposure to finish? Well, you walk around in your scene with a flashlight “painting” in light to create your own unique version of that time and place. Great fun!

A night workshop leaves a lot of daylight hours to fill, so I also collected a few “normal” daylight photos while exploring historic and scenic Sleepy Hollow, NY. Check out my Sleepy Hollow collection here.

Footnote 4/22/11: There were 16 of us at the workshop and stalking around the cemetery at night. Two of my shots, #8 and #14, were inspired by fellow attendee Roman Hirsch, a shooter with a great eye and imagination. I added my own twist to them but I wanted to acknowledge Roman here.