Photography and commentary by Paul Yarnall

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Follow up to Photographers Path 12 Exhibit

These are the final stats for the show. Out of 326 images which were submitted, 200 made the final gallery. Harbor Dawn scored a 55 tying for second in judging (first place scored 56.5), and won first in the popular vote. Glacier Rain scored a 52 and tied for second in the popular vote with Taking Flight scoring 46.5 and 21st in the popular vote.

Remember, the show runs until May 3rd and the High Falls area is a delightful place to spend a few hours. Enjoy the view of High Falls on the Genesse from the foot bridge over the gorge.

The three images I submitted to the exhibit…..


Harbor Dawn was taken from a motel room overlooking the harbor after I awoke early and peaked out through the curtains. The scene before me had me throwing the tripod and camera together in a panic for fear of losing the light, all the while still in my “skivies”. OK, maybe too much information, but you never know when the magic moment will be in front of you. Go here for the rest of Circumnavigation of Newfoundland 2008 gallery.


Glacier Rain was shot from the front of a zodiac a few hundred feet from a forty foot high wall of ice in the Canadian Arctic. The ‘rain’ in the shot is the melting ice pouring down the face of the glacier. Global warming right before my eyes. The Western Greenland and the Canadian Arctic has many other similar images from that great adventure.


Taking Flight was the only usable image from a string of continuous shots taken from my canoe in Canadice Lake while a pair of young geese exercised their spontaneous primal urge to try their wings. The light was low as evening approached and even at a high ISO the shutter speed was too slow to freeze the motion of the beating wings. At first I was disappointed in the shot but the sense of motion captured in the blur of flapping wings grew on me. More in Canadice Evenings, 2008.